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December 06, 2005

Ronaldinho wants to lead Brazil to the Cup

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The sensational Ronaldinho performance this year puts him in the eye of the world as Germany 2006 gets closer with the groups draw taking place this friday. The Barcelona's striker is regarded as the world's top football player after an amazing season in which he was voted FIFA and European player of the year.

The brazilian hapiness, skills and goals leaded Barcelona to get the Spanish league title for the first time in six years, then he led Brazil to the Confederations Cup title.

"I don't think I'm better than anybody. I'm not sure if they're fair, but I'm grateful for the awards I receive because they motivate me to keep improving," Ronaldinho told us recently. "But they don't make me feel better than another player."

On Friday, Ronaldinho and his teammates will find out who they need to beat in the first round of next year's World Cup when the draw takes place in Leipzig, Germany.

Ronaldinho Gaucho helped Brazil win the World Cup in 2002, and he said a second straight title would serve his quest to be remembered forever.

"To make history I must win titles," he assures. "What I have achieved so far just helps to encourage me to keep working to improve. I'm young and I've got a lot left to do. It will be hard, though. Everyone's talking about Brazil but other teams have to be respected, too".

All his succes has come thanks to divine providence, he insists.

"In the same way that some people get the talent to paint, my God has given me the ability to play soccer," he said. "That's my talent. I have a skill and I live off it. Even though I have to work at it."


Anonymous Mike said...

I think that Ronaldihno will be the best player in Germany. He is Michael Jordan of Soccer

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Cris Zimermann said...

Let's hope so but, Rooney might get there too, he's the one to watch in this competition.


1:25 PM  
Anonymous Cris Zimermann said...

Have you guys seen the new uniforms for brazilian footballers?

5:48 PM  

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