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July 11, 2006

What's inside Zidane's head?

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According to most of the fans, Ronaldinho was one of the big fails in the World Cup. But Zidane made everyone remember that even the best ones are still humans, and have moments of disgrace.

In the World Cup Final, Italy defeated France and won the title. But Zidane will be remembered for other reason: he hit the italian defender Marco Materazzi's chest with his head.

In fact, his violent headbutt of Marco Materazzi during overtime drew a red card, leaving France without its best player at the most important time. While the referees have taken their share of heat throughout this World Cup, there was no controversy surrounding this call.

It's hard to fully predict the impact of Zidane's dismissal. But given the fact he had scored France's lone goal on a penalty kick in the seventh minute and that the game ended up going to a shoot-out, I can bet the French would have loved to have seen him out there.

We can say that any athlete, whether playing at an elite level in front of thousands of fans in a big stadium or in front of 50 fans at a beat-up ballpark, must know when to control him or herself.

Zidane has now joined the list of people who forgot that and it's something he'll always be remembered for and even worse, it's something that will haunt him forever.


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