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June 08, 2006

Brazil gets ready as Ronaldinho ask for more security against fouls

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Ronaldinho Gaucho is convinced that rivals will hit and foul Brazilian players more that any other ones. That's why he asked the referees to be alert and protect them and the way they play football.

Brazil will play against Croatia and they feel ready and happy to see the tournament begin. But Ronaldinho said that he hoped the referees would pay special attention to their opponents in trying to stifle their flowing attacking style of football.

“All the other nations are waiting for us and will be doubly alert in paying attention to our attack,” said Ronaldinho, who scored a wonder goal four years ago against England in the quarter-finals.

“It's ok, that motivates me even more. I know that no player is going to make life easy for us. It is very important that the refereeing is rigorous because of our style of playing.”

The midfielder also said he was delighted with the form he was in: “It is wonderful to be approaching a World Cup Finals in the form that I am in.

“You can see that there are no nerves in our team, we are just gagging to start the tournament. We have of course prepared to do our best, because we know that the World Cup will be really hard if we are not ready. Otherwise, we will not get the victory.”