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July 23, 2006

Between his new girlfriend and the World Cup?

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Interesting and very controversioal news about Ronaldinho and his new girlfriend came up to light. Apparently, the brazilian soccer player broke the curfew rules imposed on the national team during the World Cup 2006 to have sexual romps with the French model Alexandra Paressant.

As it was posted in The Sun, Ronaldinho visited Alex almost every night at her hotel during the World Cup, made love to her, and then played the World Cup on Playstation and video games, missing out on much needed rest and recuperation.

In fact, Alexandra expressed: “The Brazilian coach had banned WAGS from the squad’s hotel but we couldn’t bear to be apart. So, nearly every night he would come to my hotel room and we would make love all night. Sometimes we didn’t even make it into the room, we would make love there and then in the corridor. We are mad for each other."

As for the player, he saiy they are deeply in love: “We love each other and want to be together forever,” he was quoted, as saying.